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Welcome to Trap Street

We're out scouring the city of Los Angeles, clicking our cameras and tossing back pints.

Soon we'll find the perfect spot to build a brand new adventure.

Will you be there?

Do it. You don't want to miss this stuff.

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What the hell is Trap Street?

We're a group of storytellers who explore the unexpected, and show you the story behind the story.

You'll discover secrets. You'll uncover strange and beautiful mysteries hidden in plain sight, staring back at you from places that you’ve walked past a hundred times.

Get ready to look at the city in a whole new way. Everywhere you turn, you'll see stories in the shadows. You'll find something shimmering just beneath the surface of the street.

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Who are we?

Get to know the humans behind this whole thing. 

We'll probably be seeing you soon, so you should know what you're in for.

Multimedia storytelling

Our work spans across mediums, from film to theatre to podcasts.

But all of our work is about taking you down that sudden left turn you didn't even know was there.

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