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Trap Street is a multi-media performing arts company.

We're a group of writers, performers, designers, and friends who love the city of Los Angeles. And we want you to join us.

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We create immersive adventures.

From theatre to audio to film, our mission is to take you on strange adventures through unusual spaces. We blur the lines between fiction and reality. We show you secrets that aren't on any map.

So come peer around hidden corners and explore vanishing alleyways. Rediscover the city you know in a way you've never seen it before.

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What is a trap street?

In the past, a trap street was a cartographer’s trademark to catch copycats. Sometimes it was a nonexistent street. Sometimes it was a series of bends, connections, or distortions that only the mapmaker could detect as trickery.

For us, it's not really a trap. It's an invitation. And maybe a little bit of trickery.


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