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Amy Thorstenson


Amy Thorstenson


Amy is a writer and creative tinkerer from St. Paul Minnesota. She’s queer and nerdy and awkward at parties. Amy earned her MFA in Writing for the Screen + Stage from Northwestern University in 2013 and has been weirding it up in Los Angeles ever since.

More about Amy’s work can be found below!


More than anything, Amy is obsessed right now with scripted podcasts.

Season 1 of her sci-fi podcast Cosmic Love was originally released in 2015, and the first episode of Season 2 was released on May 30th, with new episodes every Thursday. Cosmic Love features Madam Xandra, a radio host who answers love and sex advice questions on an intergalactic space station. All Xandra wants to do is give advice to the good aliens and robots of the galaxy, but mortal danger just keeps getting in her way.




Amy is very proud of Nautapocalypse and Darkness Comes Alive, her beautiful Trap Street brain-children. Here at Trap Street we develop our shows super collaboratively, but the original concepts for both shows can be blamed on Amy.

She also wrote the Str8 Lace character in Darkness Comes Alive and the Big Angel storyline in Nautapocalypse.


Some of her other productions include:

Her short play The Iceman Cometh Out was produced in 2018 by the Lakeshore Players, and her full-length play The Kennedy Experiment was developed at the Fountain Theater in 2016.

She’s written several stories for LA’s Grown-up Storytime, including one that was later published in Not Your Mother’s Breast Milk.

Perhaps most dear to her heart, Amy recently wrote a novel about a neurotic violinist who survives the apocalypse. She’s currently in the not-at-all-frustrating-don’t-even-worry-about-it phase of sending queries to lit agents. You can read the first chapter of The Planets: Or, How I Kept It Cute At The End Of The World here.


Amy used to work in Special Events for the LA Philharmonic, helping plan and execute their annual Hollywood Bowl Opening Night and Winter Gala. Now she coordinates logistics for Trap Street events like weekend retreats, and prides herself on crafting the audience experience for their live shows, including food and drink, live music, custom haikus, and more.



Amy plays violin and piano — classically trained, baby! Catch her for a jam sesh if you can forgive her for using the words “jam sesh.”

She also enjoys designing and sewing her own clothes/accessories (and sometimes she even sells stuff on Etsy).



Everyone needs a day job, after all. Before working for the LA Phil, Amy worked in assistant and production coordinator positions for Mythbusters, Preacher, Million Dollar Listing, Law & Order: You The Jury, and the Scripted TV department of Scott Free Productions.

Since leaving the Phil in early 2019, Amy has been freelance consulting and ghostwriting.