Darkness Comes Alive

An off-the-map audio tour of the Lili Lakich Studio. Presented by Trap Street.

Darkness Comes Alive was first performed June 30 – July 14, 2018.

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Enter a strange world of neon light, hidden in the middle of the Arts District. Led by an undertaker, a vigilante, and a true believer, this multi-part audio tour might make you question your mortality…and what lies beyond. Only you can decide what to believe.

Darkness Comes Alive is part history, part fantasy, and part choose-your-own-adventure. So come explore the stunning works of renowned neon artist Lili Lakich in a way you've never seen before. Then grab a drink and stick around to party with us afterwards!

Artistic Team

Kimberly Alexander / IMDb

Jesse Abbott Chin / IMDb / iSpot / IG / Twitter

Tiffany Yvonne Cox / Web / IMDb

Faith D’Amato / IMDb

Clinton Roper Elledge / Web / IG

Chad Eschman / Web

Julie Jigour / NPX

Matthew Johns / Web

Katie Page / Web

Katie Pelensky

Luke Rampersad / IMDb

Amy Thorstenson / IMDb

Lena Valentine / Web


"Trap Street created a beautiful, emotional experience in an already magical location."

– Jocelyn Gajeway, Haunting

"the sensuous quality of all the light makes me believe...that souls are preserved inside those glass tubes."

— Evan Lorenzetti, Better Lemons