$3.99 Wine - Barrel Axe Red


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Rogue Bottle Episode 5: $3.99 Wine - Barrel Axe Red


For a long time, Charles shaw has known as Two Buck Chuck, due to its original selling price of $1.99. In 2013, however, the California price for Charles Shaw finally moved up to $2.49.

So I got curious: what could I get at Trader Joe’s for $3.99?

I decided it was time to begin a new series on Rogue Bottle: $3.99 Wine. These episodes will be about half the length as usual, and they’ll pop up from time to time as I come across $3.99 wines at Trader Joe’s that turn out to be solid, everyday bottles.

For this first edition, I was joined by my uncle Mark, my cousin Bryan, and his wife Hannah to sample 2015 Barrel Axe Red.


Mark Peek
Bryan Stitt
Hannah Stitt

Our music is by Jenica Anderson

Chad Eschman