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Liquid chefs

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Rogue Bottle Episode 8: Liquid chefs


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Christina Sleeper might otherwise be known as the Willy Wonka of jams. However, there’s something that makes her even greater than the original Wonka. She uses her powers to create not only delicious bites to eat, but also boozy concoctions to drink.

She’s got unusual jams that you can spread on your breakfast toast, dribble over your evening meal, and even shake up with a shot. I say: why not have that cocktail with both your breakfast and your dinner? It’s the circle of life.

Join us as we explore her love for sloe gin and my mishaps with peppercorn booze. Also, this isn’t the first time we’ve talked about wine and toast on the show. It’ll be trending soon.


Christina Sleeper, Founder of Sleeper’s Gourmet // Website // Instagram


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