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Righteous Yammer swapcast: Drinking across America

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Rogue Bottle Episode 11: Righteous Yammer swapcast: Drinking across America


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Five years ago, I met Kevin Kautzman at the inaugural Kenyon Playwrights Conference. Just this year we happened to re-connect, and over several rounds of mezcal, he told me more about his podcast Righteous Yammer, with his co-host Brad Kelly. We decided it was time to join forces and record a swapcast.

Since Kevin in New York, Brad is in Michigan, and I’m in California, we realized that we represent three of the four time zones in the USA. So we did the only logical thing: we came up with a drink for each time zone and drank our way across America. We chose cocktails specific to our regions, and looked into some of the history behind their creations along the way(for the Mountain Time Zone, we went wild with shots and beers).

Here on Rogue Bottle you’ll find a condensed 30 minute edit of our discussion. For the full 90 minute conversation, head on over to


Kevin Kautzman and Brad Kelly of Righteous Yammer


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