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Sneaking a drink

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Rogue Bottle Episode 16: Sneaking a drink


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It’s not only what we drink, but when, where, and how we drink. Each piece reflects on our preferences—and our personalities. Graham and Fisk are the founders of MANCAN Wine, the first wine sold only in a can. They’re also longtime friends who believe you should be able to drink wine whenever, wherever, and however you want. My friend Tony Werner suggested we put these wines to the real test…and drink them by his pool. This led to us sharing our own stories about sneaking drinks, while we consumed a whole lot of MANCAN wine.

Also, we’re gonna talk about goats.


Graham Veysey and Fisk Biggar of MANCAN Wine // Website // Instagram

Tony Werner


This episode was edited by Matthew Johns. Our music is by Jenica Anderson.

Chad Eschman