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Bread and beer and friends

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Rogue Bottle Episode 17: Bread and beer and friends


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When I was growing up, our family gatherings mostly revolved around food. Now, most of the gatherings I have with my friends revolve around drinks. Whether you’re doubling down on turkeys or whiskeys, it’s all about coming together to connect.

Today I’m speaking with Richard Rea and Perry Ledesma of The Butcher’s Daughter to discuss their partnership with Trumer Pils. They’re using the same ingredients that go into Trumer’s beer to create items for their menu like breads, pretzels, and infused salts.

Richard and Perry are also longtime friends. That’s why we’ll also hear from Matt Johns, my longtime friend. We sat down to share stories of working together and drinking together, and remembering the value of good food, drink, and friendship.


Richard Rea // Instagram

Perry Ledesma

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This episode was edited by Matthew Johns. Our music is by Jenica Anderson.

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